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God’s Imagers is a community hosted multimedia platform for Christians to share what God is doing in their lives. Together we hope to learn more about what it means to represent God as we live in His Kingdom. In each episode, we explore what it means to live as God’s Imagers in the image, priesthood, and kingdom of God. 


A panel of one to three hosts will be represented in each episode. Guests will be sought after and encouraged to participate. There will be conversaionts, testimonies, interviews, teaching, and prayer.

The format for the podcast episodes is of course audio, but we also want to open up this platform to guest videos and written content. The podcast episodes can be found here on our website or listened to in any podcast player app. The videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

How To Listen?

You can listen to the podcast using the audio player here on this post, or on any podcast player app of your own preference. You can learn more about how to listen to podcasts here, or ask a younger member in your family or church to help you get started 🙂

Our Goals and Vision

We believe a rich (and potentially new) understanding of God’s kingdom will give us the correct worldview we need to live like priests and kings in the image of God. It is time to take this role seriously! Here are our goals:

  • Understand the story of the Bible as a whole leading to Jesus
  • Get to know and worship God with unfiltered worldview lenses
  • Teach the wonderful truths and intricacies of God’s Word faithfully
  • Facilitate growth in individuals, families, and churches
  • Learn how to live out our role of representatives of God

Meet Our Past Guests

We are blessed to have some amazing guests on the podcast who bring challenging and encouraging conversations. We invite you to browse all of our podcast guests and learn more about them. You can also find and listen to podcast episodes filtered by each guest.

Meet The Regular Hosts

Several young men are the visionaries behind the podcast and often appear as hosts to lead the conversation. The hosts interact with the guests in a conversational manner and provide input along the way. Feel free to take a look and learn a little about each regular host.

Become A Guest On The Podcast

We welcome your ideas for speakers! We are community hosted, so we are always looking for more guests and hosts to join the podcast. We want to hear form people who God is using, so please contact us if you or someone you know would be a good fit! If God is using you and feel a calling towards sharing on this platform, please contact us!

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