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Podcast Guests

Below you can browse all of our podcast guests and learn more about them. Click the button under each guest to listen to podcast episodes featuring them as a guest.

Bill Wiebe

We were beyond excited to have our guest Bill Wiebe join us for two episodes (so far). Bill and his wife Sharon are involved in ministry and have a deep heart for others. Bill lives in Canada, but we managed to grab him at the last minute with only a few hours notice while he was in our area. You can almost hear Bill's foot tapping as we get going into the topics! It was such an enthusiastic and enjoyable time discussing our identity in Christ and the sometimes sensitive but very necessary ...

Dan Lehman

It was a pleasure having Dan on the podcast discussing what to do when church is shut down. In fact, it was Dan's social media post that started the idea for this episode. Dan brought some valuable insight into the live-streaming vs. connection perspective, especially challenging us as fathers to do fulfil our role.

Erik Laughman

Conversations happen all around us, but how many of them are meaningful? One person who is great at making this a reality is Eric Laughman, a brother who always has a story to tell of how God is working through his interactions with others. Join us for episode 3 as we learn how to engage with the people around us and hear stories of how this has happend for Eric and others.

John Zimmerman

We spent a very rich evening with John Zimmerman recording episode 4 and episode 5 in a casual conversation. John is a man who is actively involved in ministry and discipleship whether officially or unofficially. He has been a counselor with Strait Paths Foundation and brings a life of experience and wisdom to us. These episodes focus on the power of our words to bless and to curse others and especially to speak life into our families.

Mike Lehigh

Mike is the kind of man who is in the background, but also directly in the foreground of what God is doing. Mike has an incredible testimony of where God has been leading him and his family, and it was joy to be able to hear him share just a glimpse of that journey with us as we discussed the concept of worship and connection. Mike could easily fill up every episode if we let him, so we'll see what we can do in the future!

Randy Mummert

It was so much fun to sit down with Randy Mummert to listen to some of his stories for episode 7. Randy is a man who has a beautiful reputation for serving others and has been using his God-given skills and giving of his time to bless others. We hope this conversation about using our spiritual and physical gifts to bless others will encourage you to follow in his steps and start blessing others more.

Steve Stutzman

We were delighted to start off our podcast with special guest Steve Stutzman for episode 2 about the topic of Halloween. Steve is a well-known minister and counselor with the Strait Paths Foundation. It was fascinating to hear him share the truth about Halloween and the evil that is entails as we discuss what Halloween is all about and how Christians should respond to it.

Tim Lehman

It was great hearing Tim's perspective on church and especially the shutdown situation. Tim has first-hand experience leading a group of believers in worship, so his insights were invaluable as we discussed ways the body of Christ can connect and worship with each other. Most likely we will be hearing from Tim in the future!

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