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Micah Arndt

Podcast Host

I work as a drafter and teach at church. I’m excited to talk about the Lord and love asking questions and hearing from others.

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EP 3: How To Have Meaningful Conversations

EP 3: How To Have Meaningful Conversations

Today on the podcast our topic is all about meaningful conversations. Our guest today is Eric Laughman, a brother who always has a story to tell of how God is working through his interactions with others. Join us now as we learn how to engage with the people around us.

EP 1: Introduction to the Podcast

EP 1: Introduction to the Podcast

Our episode today is our very first recording ever. The panel today features Caleb Martin, Micah Arndt, and Nelson Miller. Our goal today is to give you some background into what this podcast is all about and share some of our vision for what God is calling us to do. We invite you to join us for this introduction and catch a glimpse of some of things weighing on our hearts.

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