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Worship Nights

God’s Imagers worship nights are a way for the community to connect with God and each other. Together we desire to enter into the presence of God and enjoy His connection, love, joy, peace, identity, healing, and beauty. We seek to provide an atmosphere that encourages spontaneous worship, blessings, prayer, and fellowship.


Our worship nights are meant to be a welcoming place to drop everything and stop by to connect with God and others. The format is not strict, but will typically go in this way: a time of arrival and greetings, then worship, then sharing/praying, then fellowship and/or snack.

Running late? No worries, it’s walk in/walk out whenever. We will announce the time that worship starts for each event, but don’t stress if you come or go halfway though.

We typically play our favorite worship songs as videos with lyrics on a projector and 120″ screen and speakers, and we sing along! We may also plan to have “live music” at times with instruments if there are enough musicians interested.

If you prefer to sit, you may bring your own chair. At the current location, fruit crates and floor carpets are available, or you can stand or dance 🙂

Everyone is invited to contribute a snack item and/or drink for a time of fellowship afterwards.

As Aaron Shust would sing, you are more than welcome here!

Where is it located?

Currently, our worship events are held north of Hanover, Pennsylvania. The location is Nunda Fruit Farms, a family owned orchard with a farm market building that works great for our gatherings, with plenty of parking, heating/cooling, and room to spread out.

These events are held indoor during the winter season when the farm market is closed, but as warmer weather comes, we will consider having this outside or at another location. We are praying for alternate locations to host our worship events, so if you have any ideas, please let us know!

When will they be in the future?

For now, the dates will be announced here and may be somewhat “random” until we get established. We hope to always have it on Friday nights. We have not yet established a consistent schedule such as weekly, monthly, 1st and 3rd Friday, etc., but we would like to do that eventually. The best thing to do is subscribe below.

Get Notified About New Worship Nights

By subscribing to this list, you will get an email and/or text message when a new worship night is scheduled. (You can also choose to get notified when we release new podcast episodes.)

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